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Social Events and Special Services

To find out more about upcoming events in East Huntspill visit   or email  to receive monthly flyers. 

Saturday  24th August Summer Fayre and Fun Dog Show, East Huntspill

The All Saints’ Summer Fayre and Fun Dog Show starts at 11am in East Huntspill Church and grounds.

Fun Dog Show run by ‘The Pightle Paws’ so come along and join the fun.

Good family entertainment with Stalls, Tombola, Craft, Games, Cakes, Refreshments and much, much more! 

For more information, please email 

Coffee Mornings 

Come along to one of our coffee mornings for a coffee, cake and chat. For further information Coffee Mornings  and Huntspill Hub 

Daily 10am- 4pm, Huntspill Hub Honesty Café

Monday 10.30 -12noon, West Huntspill

Tuesday 10.30-12noon, Mark

Wednesday 1030-12noon, Mark

Saturday 10.30-12noon, East Huntspill

3rd Saturday Monthly cake sale 10.30-12noon, East Huntspill


Bishop Michael gifts a thousand tree saplings

A thousand Hazel tree saplings were given as gifts at Bishop Michael’s installation in 2022.

In his sermon, Bishop Michael shared how this gift was an example of just one of the things we can do to bring about the harvest of God’s life into God’s world and asked all those present “will you plant a sapling as a sign that under God each of us, in every place, can play our part in working for change, for transformation, for life. Small actions that when we undertake them together make a big difference.”

The hazel saplings are a symbol of a commitment to everyone to turn words into action.

East Huntspill has nurtured their sapling, which has grown strong and was today planted within the church grounds and we all look forward to watching its growth and changes throughout the seasons. Visit our Gallery to see more photos

Taking the next step…

On 4th November Bronwyn, Louise & Lynne (from The Huntspills & Mark Benefice) took the next step on their faith journey.  They were amongst the 86 people confirmed by Bishops Michael, Ruth & Christopher at a joyful confirmation service in Wells Cathedral.  They each affirmed for themselves the faith in which they had previously been baptised, and this was confirmed through prayer and the laying on of hands by the bishops, with us all praying that the Holy Spirit will give them the power they need to live life as a committed disciple of Jesus Christ.  Many friends, family and parish members attended the amazing service in support of them all. 

Reflecting on the service, Bronwyn said: ‘I’m not sure what I expected, but I thought it was a beautiful service.  Everyone was so kind, helpful and welcoming that it felt almost like a family occasion.  I was honoured to be confirmed in such a beautiful Cathedral.  It has taken me a long time to get there (I think I must have been the oldest candidate).  Everyone enjoyed it immensely and it was lovely to have physical support from our churches and friends.’

Lynne and Louise expressed also felt the event was important for them – Louise said: ‘I found it to be an extremely moving and uplifting experience participating in the service on Saturday. It was a very special day.’ and Lynne: ‘What a very special day at Wells Cathedral, surrounded by the people who love and care for me.  A day that will never be forgotten on the journey that I have just begun.’

It has been a joy to accompany these three as they have prepared for this important step.  Our faith journey is always an onward going one.  If you would like to explore confirmation, or any other aspect of your faith, please do get in touch with Rev Chris.


Donations can be left in All Saints Church, East Huntspill

We welcome donations of in-date non-perishable, food and toiletries.

We also welcome clean & unbroken ‘bags for life’

Please note we cannot accept alcohol or baby formula

Thank you for your support
Highbridge Area Foodbank

Bishop of Bath and Wells: Refreshing our diocesan vision

Our Diocesan Vision: In response to God’s immense love for us we seek to be God’s people living and telling the story of Jesus.
We seek to live this story as disciples of Jesus Christ in the world and to tell it, both in sharing the good news and by the way in which our lives speak about Him.

This has been our vision for a few years. With our new bishop in place, now seems like a good time to ask ourselves how we are doing that, and how we want to do that in the next season of our diocesan life together.

As he travelled around our diocese in his first months, Bishop Michael identified four areas that might help us focus our activity in the future:
• Valuing and cherishing the people and resources we already have
• Developing new Christian worshipping communities
• Sharing in ministry and leadership
• Deepening and growing faith

You can hear Bishop Michael sharing his thoughts on refreshing our vision:


Visit Bath and Wells website to find out more

Rev Chris’ Blog,

August 2024 ‘Some Thoughts’

I wonder what August means to you? Long, hot, sunny days….with the chance of a trip away?  Time with family and friends?  Or maybe haymaking and harvesting? For some it is a quiet time, for others it is busier than ever!  When I was a teacher, as we approached the summer holidays, there was a sense of ‘handing over’ the day-time care of our youngsters to their families, with the promise of a well-earned rest. When I think back to my own childhood I remember the freedom that my friends and I had, the chance to get up to all sorts of adventures and to delight in the lack of routine. 

In 8 BC, this month was renamed (from a Latin name, Sextilius, which simply meant ‘6th month’ – as that is what it was at the time) in honour of the first Roman Emperor, Augustus Caesar.  Apparently, he commandeered this month because it was the time of several of his great triumphs, including the conquest of Egypt.  During August, the church calendar reminds us of some amazing characters who have gone before us including Mary Sumner, Wiliam and Catherine Booth, John Bunyan, Florence Nightingale, Maximilian Kolbe, Octavia Hill and, of course, St Augustine – all well worth a look-up if you have time.  If gardening is your passion then August’s flower is the gladiolus or poppy, with its meaning of beauty, strength of character, love, marriage and family.

These days, for me, August is often a month of weddings (which we are delighted to celebrate!), time spent with people at all sorts of events (fayres, cream teas, car shows and festivals) and maybe even a spot of catching my breath… 

Whatever your August holds this year, may it bring with it an awareness of the love that surrounds you, the many blessings that are in your life and a chance for true re-creation. 

Oh, and don’t forget to celebrate Melon Day! (a national celebration in Turkmenistan on 11th August)     

God bless you,

Rev Chris         

July 2024 “Playing our part”

By the time you read this, I’m guessing that you will have heard rather a lot about our General Election, and may even have reached saturation point? Interestingly, it wasn’t until 1928, less than 100 years ago, that women in our country were finally able to vote on the same terms as men. It had been a long and hard journey, with many casualties along the way, among them Emmeline Pankhurst who was jailed 11 times in the cause, and died just weeks before the longed for true equality was established. Surely that is reason enough why at least half of our population really ought to make the most of our freedom to cast our vote?

As in our country, so in The Church of England. I am proud to be part of a church that is led by its clergy, but is governed by all of its people. At every level, just like our councils and government, the church has different levels of synod (its governing body) which listens, prays, debates and determines the way forward. At village level every adult living in the parish has a right to vote for their churchwardens (whether church members or not) and all on the church electoral role can elect their Parochial Church Council, then we have representative governing bodies from the local area (Deanery Synod), the diocese (Diocesan Synod) and across the country (General Synod). All this means that changes take quite a while to be brought to fruition – but it acknowledges that God’s wisdom works through us all, and that we all need to play our part.

It is easy to see ourselves as powerless: ‘What difference can one person make?’, but Jesus had many important things to say about the value of each and every person, especially in the context of the many. In exploring election issues, Alison Webster (General Secretary of Modern Church) highlights the paradox that, without individuals there is no collective; and yet the individual has no meaning apart from the collective. In the election process we focus on the different ways forward, the contrasting priorities and areas of debate and things necessarily get heated. Once the election has happened we then need to figure out how to move forward together, owning the collective result. Debate and challenge remain an essential part of our checks and balances, but fundamentally we are one country, one society, one body and we are called to work together for the good of all.

Once the election is done and the dust settles, I hope and pray that those elected will take on their roles and be enabled to carry us forward in a way that honours each and every member of our society. I am grateful to all who have been brave enough to put themselves forward as candidates, and pray that disappointments may be transformed into positive zeal to make things better wherever they are. As for each of us – may we, whether pleased or saddened by the overall result, commit ourselves to continuing to play our part in seeking the common good and building the best communities that we can be, where all are valued and each person belongs.                  

God bless you and lead you to the re-creation you need this summer!      

Rev Chris    

The Huntspill News

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St Peter and All Hallows Church Heritage Project  

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The Benefice Church Halls

All Saints Church Hall, East Huntspill

Did you know that you can hire East Huntspill Church Hall for £25 per session? This includes heating and use of the kitchen. Ideal for children’s parties, family gatherings and other social events. Regular users £17.50 per session.
To book or for further details please contact Booking Clerk Ruth Edwards 01278 784329

Holy Cross Church Hall, Mark

Mark Church Hall is a small hall with a kitchen, toilets and a stage. Perfect for meetings or a party.

To book, or for further details please ring Peter Higman on 01278 641479

EH – East Huntspill     WH – West Huntspill      M – Mark

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